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Michael E. Angier
Founder and CIO of
SuccessNet and author of
The Achievement Code

Not only have I known Michael Angier for much of my professional career, more importantly, I've had the privilege to learn from him for much of my professional career.

Anyone who knows Michael, knows he embodies everything one would want in a teacher, coach or mentor: he is hugely successful (having overcome and grown from his own mistakes—very important!), he can very effectively transfer his knowledge and wisdom to others, and he maintains—indeed, he embodies—the highest of ethical standards . . .

Thank you Michael, for writing this book. You continue to touch peoples' lives with exceptional, exceptional value!”

Bob Burg
coauthor of
The Go-Giver

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From the author . . .

For over six thousand years, writers and sages have claimed to have discovered the “secrets” to success and happiness. Hundreds of thousands of books have been written on the subject. Tens of thousands of “success gurus” have emerged. Some of them even taught the truth.

I've studied the best and the brightest for over 40 years. I've tried, tested and experimented with virtually all the success fundamentals.

What I've always looked for were the common denominators—not the tricks, fads and gimmicks that people were trying to sell—the proven principles for achieving a successful life.

I was searching for a time-tested, proven and simple formula anyone could use to get what they truly wanted in life.

The Achievement Code is the result of that research.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But I’ve discovered some of the biggest reasons why almost everyone settles for far less than their full potential and why a small percentage do not.

“Without the Three Cs of Clarity, Concentration and Consistency, achieving your goals will always be hit and miss.”

Let The 3C Formula help you create a path to follow. Use it as a tool to help you stay on course and guide you back when you get off track.

Join us for the next challenge and re-ignite your life!

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